When is Global Day for Safe Abortion observed?
28 September 70%
25 September 60%
26 September 30%
22 September 30%

Total Voters: 1,120

Human Chain against Rape

Center for Men and Masculinity Studies have always stood against any forms of gender based violence and called men to engage in protesting gender based violence.

In recent times the number of rape has accelerated compared to the previous years. According to the reports of Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) 630 women were raped in the last 6 months. Most of the victims were children. Girls of age 7 to 12 are mostly being the victims of rape. 21 incidents of murder and attempt to murder after rape were reported in the daily newspapers in the first half of the year.

Center for Men and Masculinity Studies felt the urge to protest against the increasing number of rape and the reluctant mentality of the law enforcing agencies to capture and put the criminals to trial. Thus on July 12, 2019 CMMS arranged a Human Chain to protest against rape. The human chain took place at Anti-Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture in University of Dhaka. Dr. Sayed Saikh Imtiaz attended the Human Chain along with the students of University of Dhaka and the volunteers of Center for Men and Masculinities Studies.

Self-motivated men also joined the human chain and stood with CMMS to show their stand against rape and they demanded justice for the victims as soon as possible.