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Terms of Reference

Background: Campus Hero Café is an action research supported by the NWO-WOTRO and ShareNet International which aims at engaging young men and boys (age 14-21) to educate them on sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) while also contributing to prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG). To this aim, young men at different universities in Dhaka and outside, and boys in secondary schools (grade 9-10) in Pabna, Sirajganj, Natore, Rangpur and Coxsbazar districts, jointly mobilized different community activism aimed at questioning harmful gender norms, practices and rigid notions of masculinities. The proposed TV program will capture the experiences of the young men and boys who participated in the TV program while create awareness among the youth to prevent violence against women and girls. 


Types of the Program: Edu-magazine.


Objective of the Program: To motivate the youth for the prevention of violence against women and girls while sharing the learning of the Campus Hero Café community activism initiatives. The program has to be themed on gender based violence/women empowerment/masculinity/ sexual and reproductive health rights/ well-being/ bravery etc.


Criteria and Characteristics:

  • The TV program will have at least 13 episodes and aired on any renowned Bangla TV channel in Bangladesh.
  • The time of on-air must be pick hour (7pm- 11pm).
  • The program has to be aired at least once in a week.
  • The duration of the program has to be 22 mins/ 40 mins (if 22 minutes then it will have to be repeated the next day).
  • The program will have to be started airing by the month of May, 2018.
  • The program has to meet the objective and activities of Campus hero café.


Eligibility criteria of the organization: The advertisement firm/ TV channel/Media or production house must have to submit valid TIN, Vat registration certificate and Trade license (Please attach copy of each document with proposal).


Evaluation criteria of the proposal: The project will be judged based on following criteria:


Criteria Credit
Innovative 5
Communicative 5
Thematic  5
Credibility of the Organization 5
Budget and Work plan 5
Total 25


Technical Proposal- Standard Forms


Centre for Men and Masculinities Studies, Campus hero Café


Television Program Production and Telecast


Please fill up the following issues as suggested:


  1. Please indicate the content of the proposed program





2.How will the proposed program cover the theme and activities of Campus Hero Café?





3. Explain the work schedule of the proposed program





4.  Explain the on-air and promotion plan of the program. 





Financial Proposal- Standard Forms

Please explain the details budget plan for the Program in following order:

  1. Pre-production Cost


Activities Cost Per Unit Total           Time Schedule


b.  Production Cost

Activities Cost Per Unit Total           Time Schedule


c. ‚Äč On-air and Promotional Cost

Activities Cost Per Unit Total           Time Schedule





Grand Total:

In word