When is Global Day for Safe Abortion observed?
28 September 70%
25 September 60%
26 September 30%
22 September 30%

Total Voters: 1,120

Overviews The Campus Hero Cafe 2017

The ‘Campus Hero Café’ action research is one of the ongoing initiatives of CMMS which intends  to generate better insights in young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) by addressing the followingelements: (1) the lack of adequate knowledge amongst young people in Asian societies of issues related to sex, sexuality and gender; (2) the relationship among masculinity, youth,and sexuality, which is essential to better understand and address the social and gender norms, attitudes and practice determining young people’s SRHR and their ability to claim their SRHR; and (3) the gaps and limitations of existing strategies engaging young men and boys to promote access to SRHR in Bangladesh and globally. The project has developed a wide range of self-reflexive tests and activities to engage young men and boys (ages 14-21) in realizing and claiming their SRHR while involving them in community activism for VAWG prevention.

Some of the key progress of this project are as follows:

  • Development and launching of Challenger Mamu App where the participants have been receiving instant reply to their SRHR related queries by the experts designated by CMMS
  • Certificate course of 22 selected volunteers have been completed who have now been working with the community mobilizers and the school teachers to organize a wide range of activities with the participants
  • Development of Brave Man Diary and Facilitators’ Manual
  • CMMS has been arranging school sessions and community activism with the participants where participants have been completing the Brave Man Diary activities, using the Challenger Mamu app and organizing awareness raising activities in their communities. CMMS facilitators and designated community mobilizers have been facilitating their activities.
  • Designing of the Campus Hero Café TV Reality Show: An outline of the TV reality has been completed.
  • Establishment of Campus Hero Café
  • A Campus Hero Café has been established in Dhanmondi, Dhaka where students fromdifferent universities are regularly coming and raising their questions and queries about sexual and reproductive health and rights. Campus Hero volunteers from different universitiesare coordinating the Café activities.

To stay updated with The Campus Hero Café follow our Facebook page and have a glance at our project tools and progress reports.