When is Global Day for Safe Abortion observed?
28 September 70%
25 September 60%
26 September 30%
22 September 30%

Total Voters: 1,120

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Dr. Syed Md. Saikh Imtiaz

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Dr Imtiaz is the Chair and an Associate Professor at the Women and Gender Studies Department of Dhaka University. After completing BSS degree from the Anthropology Department (1999-2000) and MSS degree (2000-2001) from Women’s Studies Department of Dhaka University, he achieved PhD degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2012 and joint a multidisciplinary research team at Vanderbilt University, USA as a Post Doctoral Researcher where he worked until the end of 2013. His PhD research was on young men, sexuality and construction of masculinities in Bangladesh. Dr Imtiaz has also carried out research on construction of masculinities, fatherhood, youth, sexuality, violence, livelihood, poverty etc. for WHO, CARE, UNFPA, UNDP, Plan Bangladesh and Government of Bangladesh. He has also initiated a school based campaign supported by the National Human Rights Commission in Bangladesh and UNDP Bangladesh to prevent violence against women involving boys in schools titled “the BraveMen campaign”. He is the founder of the CMMS and UNYSAB (United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh). Currently he is working as Co-principal investigator in a postdoctoral research project on SRHR titled “Campus Hero Café” with Dr Gary Baker of Promundo-US with a generous funding support from NWO-WOTRO, ShareNet and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr Imtiaz has planned and hosted several TV programs including the “Campus Hero” – a TV reality show telecasted in the Channel I, ‘Maximus Tarun Kantho’ telecasted also in Channel I and ‘Dimot Sohomot, Matamat’ telecasted in the RTV. 

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