When is Global Day for Safe Abortion observed?
28 September 70%
25 September 60%
26 September 30%
22 September 30%

Total Voters: 1,120

Sexual and reproductive health is one of the taboos and ignored but important issue of health of every individual. The society of a third world country like Bangladesh is not very opened to discuss about these issues. As a teenager I never got the chance to talk to anyone who knew properly about the physical and mental changes one goes through this period let alone the sexual and reproductive health knowledge. What I as a teenager did to know about the changes and sexual activity was discussing with friends and watch pornography. But my friends were going through the same phase and surely most of them did not have proper knowledge about these matters.

On January 1, 2017 I joined CMMS as volunteer of the Campus Hero Café project. Before joining the selected volunteers had to join a training session on sexual and reproductive health rights at the Saint Martin’s island in December. The training session changed my idea of sexual and reproductive health issues. Prior to that these issues were something very personal and were not supposed to discuss with anyone. But the training taught me to be open about these issues. Every adult individual has to go through the adolescent phase of life, so this is nothing to be hidden. Rather if the issues are not talked about openly there would be misconceptions and lack of knowledge.

Starting to work on the Campus Hero Café project I got the chance to meet the participants of the project in Rangpur and Pabna. The participants were teenagers of class 9 and 10. We, the volunteers were given the task of learning their concepts of sexual and reproductive health rights. Also we were to provide them the proper answers of their queries. Some of the answers were even unknown to me, so I had to learn them myself to fulfill their queries. This helped me to enrich my own knowledge about sexual and reproductive. The students also asked about different problems they faced during the changes on adolescent period using the app “Challenger Mamu”. We, the volunteers provided them proper and scientific knowledge and solutions of their problems. This task helped us to know more about the problems and how to solve them properly.

Working on this project has changed my views on SRHR. I am now more open and comfortable to talk about sexual and reproductive issues. I also gained proper scientific knowledge about SRHR and related topic. I do hope to learn more from here as long as I continue to work