When is Global Day for Safe Abortion observed?
28 September 70%
25 September 60%
26 September 30%
22 September 30%

Total Voters: 1,120

Sexual and reproductive health rights are now a days a burning question and a concerned topic to many NGOs sand government development projects. Many initiatives have been taken to protect the right of sexual and reproductive health. These initiatives are taking for the welfare of people. But the questionsare how many people are well known about their sexual and reproductive health rights?do people understand the meaning of SRHR(Sexual and  Reproductive Health Rights).Do people take it as a topic of secrecy,  A top topic from which every adolescent have to remain in distance?

Yes, this topic has been remained so much taboo in our society specially among the adolescent students who need these rights most are in risk of many kind of violent activities and diseases.at the age of science and technology ,every people has the easy access to internet. But for the lack of proper knowledge the adolescent girls and boys misuse these access and mislead their life by doing many kind of harmful and violentactivities such as eve teasing ,watching blue films and pornography, doing accretivemasturbation and boys hold a negative masculinity in their life.

I personally did not have much knowledge about sexual and reproductive health rights.my knowledge about sexual and reproductive health was, it is all about women pregnancy and menstruationhealth. Sexual rights were totally unknown to me. Boys were totally excluded from my personal assumption about Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights issue. I took it as the health issue of woman  of the time pregnancy and meanstuatrionhygiene . But after involving with CMMS(Center for Men and Masculinities Studies), my eyes just opened.  Now I understand the real facts about SRHR.

Now I enriched with the actual knowledge of sexual  and reproductive health rights and how  boys and girls are equally connected with it.Nowi know the righs , eg.access of actual knowledge about sexual and reproductive health,howsrhr rights prevent people from violence.

CMMS has been launched an application named,”chellengermamu”through the adolescent people who are highly in risk of lack of information and having a wrong information about their body , sexuality ,reproductive health rights ,sexual rights etc.they can do any kind of question related to sexual and reproductive health rights and authority is confidential about their privacy.authirity respects everyones  questions and experts answer these question with scientific logic.besides CMMS has been taken a project  in which we are consulting with the school going students and helping them by giving proper knowledge about SRHR and monitoring them to understand an efficient change in their life.

This development project have been taken   for the need of students welfare and make the society free from violence.